Terms and Conditions are mentioned and hence all the users are requested to read the same prior to start using the app.

  • We request all the visitors to check out the clauses of terms and conditions before using the application. The system has been created by following the constitutional law of the country, and no processes are embedded through which rules of law get compromised.
  • All the data are maintained with the highest possible security protocol and we keep the personal data of the users safe. Proper documentation is done once the users are engaged with us. From time to time we on updating the clauses of terms and conditions hence all the users are requested to keep checking the information regularly.
  • The application do not ask for any kind of user’s personal information, means one can use the app without registration.
  • The application is developed to Passion of a room.
  • The application is followed by following the guidelines of government.
  • There are no hidden data capturing is involved.
  • The clauses may get updated hence users are requested to visit the page at regular interval.
  • The application is uploaded on the secured server in order to protect from external threats like server attacks. Regular back is maintained on the server itself.
  • The hosted server is third party application and if any miss-happening occurs then we will not be responsible for the same.
  • Our team of assistance is always available, therefore feel free to discuss the queries if any issue comes