• We always respect the client’s privacy and hence mention each and everything to maintain transparency. We do not force any individual or group to use our service. They are free to use based on their own will. Once users start using the application, we consider his/her consent towards all the clauses of the privacy policy.
  • We do take user’s input in order to provide better service, and based on the need it may get shared with the third-party vendors. Moreover, we use a third-party vendor to host the application and follow the best security protocol and take regular backups to keep the data safe but, if any server attack happens, we shall not be responsible for the loss of the data.
  • No users are forcibly asked to use the application. The use of application is completely depends upon the choice of the user.
  • All rights are reserved with the admin of the application.
  • Secured server is being used to host the application. Apart from that the app is hosted on third party hosting service provider hence we will not be held responsible for any problem that get occurred due to server attack.
  • Change in privacy policy is under the control of the admin; hence keep checking the clauses prior to use the app.